Injured Construction WorkerThe injury attorneys of Bagolie Friedman  has extensive experience with cases involving construction site accidents or accidents related to negligent construction in New Jersey. Our New Jersey construction accident attorneys will aggressively pursue the maximum compensation provided by law.

It is important to remember that construction workers have the right to work in a safe workplace like any other person. Unfortunately these rights are often overlooked.

Due to the very nature of the construction trade, construction workers find themselves confronted with dangerous, life‑threatening work conditions on a daily basis. When a construction accident occurs, workers can take action against those responsible for their conditions and ensure that their rights are protected. The right to compensation for unduly suffered injury can help
make a painful injury a bit less devastating.

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If you were injured while working on a construction site, your financial recovery against your employer may be affected by workers’ compensation laws, but remember that other parties may be legally responsible for your injuries, including third‑party contractors, property owners, or equipment manufacturers. Your recovery from those parties will likely not be affected by workers’ compensation laws.

In some circumstances, the injured person will be able to recover damages from the construction company, which has a duty to take reasonable steps to keep public sidewalks near its construction site free from bricks and other debris. If the company fails to remove such obstructions and someone trips and falls, the company may be liable. Construction companies should also tell pedestrians they could get injured if they stray from the sidewalk. Posting a sign is usually not enough. If a company fails to place barriers and warning lamps by a building pit, for example, it may be responsible if anyone falls into it and gets injured.

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