Bagolie Friedman has a growing practice in the area of environmental litigation, often referred to as "toxic torts." Environmental litigation poses unique legal challenges because of the complex scientific and technical issues frequently addressed, and because of the overlapping authority of numerous administrative agencies and courts at the local, state, and federal levels. We are presently reviewing claims for injured persons and property damage caused by the discharge of numerous toxins from companies all over the United States. Protection of people and their property from large corporate polluters is our top priority. In an effort to protect the public, we are representing a wide range of clients located in many states, along with associate counsel from across the country. Our firm is currently handling claims for property damage or personal injury caused by exposure to harmful substances such as asbestos, PCB’s, Creosote, CCA and other toxic substances.

We are handling or reviewing claims involving the following: benzene, mercury, mold, lead, asbestos, PCB’s, creosote, air emissions, and groundwater contamination. If you have a case you would like us to review please give us a call.

Current topics include:

Chemical Exposure

Chlorination Byproducts
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