Early November is peak whitetail season and the folks at Bagolie Friedman wish hunters a safe and successful season in the woods. Unfortunately no matter how well prepared hunters are, every season will end in tragedy for some unfortunate few. In the past two decades the popularity of hunting deer from an elevated position has grown exponentially. The manufacture of hang on stands, lock on stands, ladder stands, saddles, screw in steps and climbing sticks has soared. Along with the newfound popularity of this hunting style new and inexperienced manufacturers are filling the shelves with poorly manufactured, defective products that often fail to properly warn users on how to use the product and put them on notice of the risks of hunting from elevations. When products fail users who are up in a tree the results are often tragic resulting in broken bones, disability and even loss of life. Often times hunters’ harnesses prevent them from falling only to suffer serious blood clotting injury or death in a harness that is not equipped with a suspension relief device (SRD). Bagolie Friedman hunting accident lawyers are experienced in defective product and failure to warn litigation. If you or someone you know has been injured in a hunting accident Bagolie Friedman may be able to help. Accidents caused by:

  • Defective tree stands – poor/loose welds, improper rust prevention/powder coating, defective straps and fasteners, failure to warn, failure to provide user harness
  • Defective climbing sticks and ladders – defective straps/fasteners, poor design that allows the step to kick off the tree
  • Defective fall harness or saddle – poor fitting, failure to include suspension release device (SRD), poor stitching/manufacture
  • Defective instruction/warning labels

If you or anyone you know has suffered a hunting accident call Bagolie Friedman hunting accident lawyers today.