injured construction workerIn the state of New Jersey, there are laws in force that compel nearly every employer in the state to carry workers compensation insurance coverage for its employees. So, regardless of who is at fault in the case of an occupational injury or illness, the benefits of the insurance policies should be paid without fuss. However, there are some employers and insurance companies who try to interfere with an employee’s access to the benefits. In such instances, it is sometimes necessary for the affected employee to acquire the services of a New Jersey workers compensation attorney to rightfully obtain the compensation he is lawfully due.

If employers and insurance companies used the same care for a hurt worker that is used in the running of the business, there would be fewer occasions for settling a dispute. But unfortunately, an employee is sometimes faced with a fraudulent denial of benefits by the employer, or some other type of complication is thrown into the claims filing process. When such is the case, it often becomes necessary for the injured or sick employee to get legal help from an attorney to rightfully receive the workers compensation benefits he should be getting.

When tragedy strikes in the form of a disabling injury received at work, or an illness develops because of dangerous exposure on the job, the financial future of an individual is potentially at risk. Income becomes unstable, as does retirement benefits, medical coverage and even the job itself. The seriousness of the situation does not permit a carefree attitude to prevail. So much is at stake that one should do everything possible to ensure that his future does not suffer.

While it is not absolutely necessary for an individual to seek legal representation in order to file a claim for workers compensation, there are favorable benefits involved. To ensure that deadlines are met and paperwork is properly completed, seeking legal help from a qualified New Jersey Workers compensation attorney is advisable. Otherwise, delays can cause compensation and benefit payments to be severely slowed or even halted. Additionally, if an appeal is required because of a claim being denied, an experienced workers compensation attorney can quickly handle this aspect as well.

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Under New York, New Jersey, & Florida Workers Compensation laws, you may be entitled to:

  • Weekly benefits while you are temporarily totally disabled and unable to work.
  • Payment of your medical expenses.
  • Weekly payments or a lump sum payment for partial or total disability resulting from a work related injury.

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