Most hearing loss lawsuits are also Workers’ Compensation Claims and must be filed to protect rights.

The law firm of BAGOLIE FRIEDMAN INJURY LAWYERS in Jersey City is seeking active and retired firefighters, paramedics and EMTs for a free case screening.

Thousands of firefighters have filed hearing loss lawsuits against Federal Signal. The claims seek money damages and allege that Federal Signal, who is the world’s largest maker of fire engine sirens, has designed, manufactured and distributed defective sirens that have caused hearing loss in firefighters. “The sirens are too loud and the sound needlessly travels back into the rigs and the Company should be held accountable for causing hearing loss in firefighters and EMTs”, says Ricky Bagolie, co-founder of BAGOLIE FRIEDMAN, the New Jersey workplace injury law firm handing claims.

Claims are currently pending in Chicago and elsewhere and there is now an opportunity to, once again, be tested. “This is a chance to see if your hearing loss is related to the noise from the sirens and the job with no fee if there is no recovery and no obligation” said Bagolie, who has lectured to hundreds of firefighters regarding their legal rights.

Along with any claim against Federal Signal for negligence, there is a local workers’ compensation claim. Any injury, including hearing loss and lung disease, that arise out of or occur in the course of employment are covered by the job’s workers’ compensation insurance. “It is well accepted by our courts that hearing loss and lung disease are work related and compensate and it is often an easier case in workers’ compensation because you do not have to prove fault”, said Bagolie. “You do have to file a claim to protect your rights as there are time limits”, he said.

BAGOLIE FRIEDMAN INJURY LAWYERS are located at 648 Newark Avenue in Jersey City, NJ and may be reached at 201-656-8500, via email at or on their website at As always the consultations are free and there is no fee if there is no recovery.