Patterson, NJ Personal Injury Lawyers

Millions of Americans are injured each year due to another person’s negligence. Even a quick trip to the local supermarket can end up in disaster. Grocery stores are notorious for leaving wet produce or spilled liquids on the floor and failing to clean it up in a timely manner. If you have been injured at work, by a defective product or in a motor vehicle accident, it’s time to consult with an attorney. The law offices of Bagolie Friedman in Patterson, New Jersey handle all aspects of personal injury law, which includes some of the following:

• Medical Malpractice
• Workers’ Compensation
• Product Liability
• Auto Accidents
• Slander and Libel
• Slip and Fall Injury
• Property Damage Claims
• Big Rig Truck Accidents
• Dog Bite Cases
• Nursing Home Negligence
• Wrongful Death Claims
• Construction Accidents

Do I Have a Valid Personal Injury Case?

The legal professionals at Bagolie Friedman in Paterson, New Jersey offer a free evaluation to determine the validity of your case. Every personal injury case is unique and the key element is proving fault. When determining negligence, the following factors must be considered:

Duty of Care Was Owed—Storeowners, healthcare professionals and employers all have a duty of care to their customers, patients and employees.

Breach of Duty Occurred—The plaintiff must prove that a breach of duty occurred when the defendant knowingly put them at risk.

Proximate Cause—The actions of the defendant was the direct cause of the plaintiff’s injury.

Seeking Damages—Injured victims have the legal right to recover compensation for a variety of issues, including temporary or permanent disability due to their injuries.

An accident attorney will examine all of the relevant evidence to determine if you have a valid case. The laws in New Jersey allow a plaintiff to obtain compensation even if they were partially to blame for their injuries. Injured victims can still get damages if they were less than 51 percent at fault.

Statistics show that most people will eventually be involved in an accident where harm is done. Most of the time, these incidents are small and the thought of invoking the law would be frivolous. However, the law often comes into play because the personal injury sustained is too grave to simply brush off. Medical bills and money lost for time off of work are all burdens that an injured party must bear, unless he or she can prove that the injury sustained is from the negligent behavior of another.

Get A Free Case Evaluation
A personal injury lawyer will tell you what type of evidence is needed to prove your case. Police reports, medical records and witnesses all play an important part. An individual may be negligent even if there was no malice intended. They may be held strictly liable for their actions if they failed to prevent harm, such as the case in many dog bite injuries. If you have been injured, contact the law offices of Bagolie Friedman in Patterson, New Jersey at 866-333-3529, or use the quick connect form on the right side of this page to schedule a free consultation.

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