What is Product Liability?

Manufacturers and corporations that produce or sell products that are used by people owe a responsibility to ensure that their products will not injure the persons using these products. Products liability is an area of law that assists people who have been injured by unsafe products, or the survivors of those who may have died as the result of an unsafe product. Bagolie Friedman will help you obtain a recovery for the injury or death. The term “products” can include anything used by, or that comes in contact with a person, including but not limited to: food, machinery, medicine, automobiles, household appliances, toys and clothing.

What should I do if I am injured?

If you believe that you have been injured due to an unsafe product, call Bagolie Friedman to discuss this. You should call as soon as it is convenient for you to do so and avoid discussing the matter with strangers, representatives of the manufacturer, distributor or retailer and/or insurance companies.

What are my attorney fees?

Attorney fees in product liability cases are based on a percentage of any amount recovered and are contingent on your receiving a court or jury award or a settlement. At Bagolie Friedman we will discuss this with you at the very first meeting and will provide you with a written contract so you will be comfortable knowing what the fee arrangement with us will be. At Bagolie Friedman , we do not receive any fee if you do not receive a recovery.