10 Reasons to Choose Bagolie Friedman

by | Jan 25, 2018

10 Reasons to Choose Bagolie Friedman

REASON ONE – Experience.
We’ve been fighting for the rights of injury victims for many years. All of our attorneys are trial lawyers. While most cases can be settled without filing suit, you need to know that you have an experienced trial lawyer on your side should a lawsuit be necessary to obtain a reasonable recovery. Experience definitely counts.

REASON TWO – First Consultation is Free.
Your first consultation with Bagolie Friedman is free. Often your attorney can answer your injury case questions right on the phone or via the internet. If we feel we can help, we’ll meet with you quickly. We’ll explain your rights in plain language, answer your questions at no charge. If you hire us, our fees and costs will be provided in writing.

REASON THREE – No Win? No Fee.
If we don’t win your injury case, there is no fee. We work on a contingency basis. That means there must be money received for your injury or we do not receive a fee. Frequently, injury cases result in settlements rather than trial and jury verdict. If that happens in your case, we’ll explain where that settlement money will go, including any amount “in your pocket” before you approve it. If there is no settlement, we discuss filing the case in court with you. If the jury verdict would be zero, our fee is zero. We work harder for you, because that’s the only way we are paid.

REASON FOUR – No Cost Up Front.
You pay nothing up front. When you hire Bagolie Friedman, we’ll advance the costs of preparing and presenting your injury case. This is not always the case with other firms. Many law firms require the client to pay the costs of collecting information, preparing the evidence and other expenses. This can amount to hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars. Although the law requires that the injury client be ultimately responsible for these costs, Bagolie Friedman’s willingness to advance these expenses shows you our commitment to you.

Bagolie Friedman is large enough to serve you. ..yet small enough to care. With offices in Jersey City & Clifton NJ and New York City, there is always an office nearby. Our offices are staffed by legal professionals dedicated to serving our clients’ legal needs. We take pride in knowing our clients personally and even make it a point to assist you with other problems related to your injury. Since you’re the most important person in our office, we listen carefully to what you have to say.

REASON SIX – Technology.
We use the latest technology to serve you. Bagolie Friedman uses the latest in computer and communications technology in order to streamline the process of legal research and courtroom presentations. In the courtroom, we also employ video presenters to allow for the effective and meaningful presentation of evidence in your case. We use this technology in order to enhance the likelihood of a settlement or verdict in your favor.

Loyalty means a lot. Bagolie Friedman’s loyalties are to you. ..the injured victim. We don’t represent insurance companies. Our sole purpose is to gain fair compensation for you. We’ll never do it any other way.

REASON EIGHT – Continuing Legal Education.
Even though the State of New Jersey doesn’t require attorneys to take continuing legal education after passing the bar, Bagolie Friedman voluntarily spends thousands of dollars yearly on training and seminars that improve our attorneys, legal knowledge. We stay up-to-date. You get representation that is well informed on the latest applications of the law.

REASON NINE – Home Consultations.
Although Bagolie Friedman has three offices, we know that injuries can make travel difficult. If you can’t come to us, we’ll come to you whether you are laid up at home or in the hospital. In some instances we can even open a file for you over the phone.

REASON TEN – Personal Service.
You’ll talk to an experienced attorney. ..not a claims processor. Many law firms use non-attorneys (many of whom are former insurance company employees) to handle your claim. Not Bagolie Friedman. From your first call to the settlement or jury verdict, you’ll have an experienced attorney working on every detail of your case on your behalf.