Asking questions will help you hire the best lawyer for your case.

Question #1: How much experience do you have specifically in the field of personal injury?

Some personal injury attorneys take every case that comes their way and then refer anything they don’t want to other lawyers in return for some of the money recovered. Obviously, you’ll get better results with an attorney whose only focus is on representing personal injury victims.

A personal injury lawyer with extensive experience will understand how to aggressively represent you in and out of state and federal court rooms. In addition, you’ll likely get an accurate estimate for the length of your case and its strong and weak points, as well as an explanation of your options.

Question #2: Will you handle my case or will you assign the case to an assistant?

At some firms, a senior lawyer will secure you as a client and then turn your case over to an assistant. To ensure the best possible outcome, you want an experienced personal injury lawyer handling all aspects of your case.

If other lawyers or support staff will be involved in your case – and you feel comfortable with the situation – then make sure you meet them.

Question #3: What are your qualifications?

Your lawyer’s experience will play an essential role in the success of your case. So find out how long he/she has been in practice and ask about his/her success rate with personal injury trials.

You also want a personal injury lawyer who is licensed to practice before state and federal courts within your state, as well as the United States Court of Appeals and the U.S. Supreme Court.

Question #4: Do you usually represent injured people or defendants?

If you’re hurt or someone you love is the victim of a wrongful death due to an unexpected accident, you need a personal injury lawyer who is completely on your side. As a result, you want a personal injury lawyer who only represents injury victims.

Question #5: What are the fees for using your legal services?

Your personal injury attorney should be upfront about the merits of your case and fees. In most personal injury cases, fees are not collected unless you win your case. The amount you pay is then based on a percentage of the amount awarded to you.

Question #6: What professional associations do you belong to?

Involvement with professional associations – such as the American Association for Justice, Workers Injury Law & Advocacy Group and Association of Trial Lawyers of America – helps demonstrate a personal injury lawyer’s commitment to the legal system. Also, look for attorneys who are members of the trial lawyers and bar associations from your state.

Question #7 (Ask yourself this final question.): How well do I trust the lawyer?

Trust goes a long way in a lawyer/client relationship, so make certain your feel comfortable with any agreement before moving forward. If possible, find out what reputation your lawyer has with clients and the legal community. You also want to make sure he/she listens carefully to you, takes notes and spends enough time with you to demonstrate a commitment to the outcome of your case.

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