Airplane Crash Lawyers in Jersey City

March 2019 – Airplane Crashes have been  on the rise again, as you have seen in the news. There have been several aircraft crashes in March 2019, a few days preceeding this article. Recently, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced the grounding of the Boeing 737 MAX jetliners, pending further information being gathered from the crash of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302. Commonly, it would be too early to determine the cause as to the crash before all the flight data is analyzed, but preliminary information and reports show Flight 302 experienced similar significant changes in altitude, airspeed and thenose of the aircraft going up and down abrubptly before it crashed as did Lion Air Flight 610, another brand new 737 MAX 8, before it crashed into the Java Sea in October 2018. The shocking similarities and brief period of time separating the two disasters seem to indicate there may be a fatal design flaw in these Boeing planes. Accordingly, we agree that the MAX fleet be taken out of service in the interest of passenger safety.

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