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If you have been injured in an auto accident, don’t call your insurance company –
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Insurance companies will try to settle your case for as little as possible. With a no fee evaluation from Bagolie Friedman, you may be entitled to more than you may think.

Hurt in an auto accident? Bagolie Friedman Injury Lawyers are auto accident lawyers in Jersey City NJ, handling all types of accident cases, such as auto accidents, truck accidents, work accidents, slip and fall accidents, and other accidents that have caused injury.

Before you call your insurance company, call the auto accident lawyers of Bagoie Friedman  first. We can help to get you the comensation you deserve.

Airbag Failure

airbag Failure 1With the availability of airbags in a growing number of car models, countless lives and serious injuries have been prevented. Over the years, technological advances have improved the efficiency of airbags, but airbag failures have still occurred. When...

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Motorcycle Accident

Even the most cautious motorcycle rider can find themselves vulnerable on the roadways. Protective measures such as reinforced riding gear and helmets are no match for heavy impact against pavement. Many motorcycle accidents in New Jersey end in fatalities due to the...

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