Fire Fighters Hearing Loss

by | Oct 13, 2017 | Hearing Loss, Line of Duty Injury

Fire Fighters & Paramedic Hearing Loss Litigation

Our office has recently become involved with hearing loss litigation on behalf of active and retired fire fighters and paramedics. These claims are part of a multi-state products liability action against the Federal Signal Corporation. Federal Signal is the world’s largest maker of fire engine and ambulance sirens.

Hundreds of fire fighters and paramedics from around the country and New Jersey have filed hearing loss lawsuits against Federal Signal. These claims seek money damages and allege that Federal Signal has designed, manufactured and distributed defective sirens that have caused noise-induced hearing loss in fire fighters. We have experts that say that the sirens are too loud, and are improperly placed on the rigs, and are at the wrong frequency. Further, we claim that adequate warnings are not provided. This is not a class action lawsuit. They are being filed directly against Federal Signal in Chicago IL and there are over 1000 cases pending. This venue has been determined to be the best in the country.

The first step in determining if there is a claim is to set up a screening audiogram (hearing loss test) to determine who may be victims of noise-induced hearing loss. In that regard, we have retained Audiologist Jeffrey Kot, located at 453 Clifton Avenue in Clifton (973-772-5457) to provide a free hearing loss test to each fire fighter and paramedic. The test may be conducted at his office in Clifton or Audiologist Kot will travel to your site to examine and test fire fighters and paramedics if there are 20 or more available at one time. Alternatively, you may provide a recent hearing test from your own doctor. Our office will then determine if there is a viable claim. As always there is no fee if there is no recovery.

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