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Gadolinium is a contrast agent that helps distinguish between normal and abnormal tissue in the body when used with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and/or CT scans. Gadolinium was approved for use in 1988 and has been used in millions of studies since. It is the preferred contrast agent for people with chronic kidney disease. The use of iodine-containing contrast agents is still a common cause of hospital-acquired acute renal failure and is associated with increased mortality & morbidity. On the other hand, gadolinium-based agents, like Omniscan Contrast Dye, have been reported to be safe, well tolerated, and have shown almost no nephrotoxicity in recommended doses.

Nephrogenic systemic fibrosis (NSF), described in 2000, is an emerging systemic disorder characterized by widespread tissue fibrosis. NFS was not known to the medical community before March 1997 and some medical authors suggest that the sudden occurrence of the disease in the last 8 years makes it likely that
a new agent or technique of examination causes it. Currently, there is no effective treatment available for NSF.

Based on recent research, NSF occurs only in patients with advanced or in end stage kidney disease and is strongly related to the use of gadolinium dyes for MRI scans. At this time, there are no known cases of NSF in patients with normal kidney function.

NSF / NFD Symptoms

Rapid and full progression of the disease can be fatal. If you experience any of the symptoms of NSF/NFD after and MRI or MRA, you should seek immediate medical attention, and get tested for the disease, even if it has been months
since you had the test. Symptoms can appear in a few days after testing, but may not appear for up to 18 months.

Many doctors are not aware of or do not believe in the existence of NSF/NFD. Do not let your doctor talk you out of testing if you have any suspicion that you may have the disease. Early detection and treatment may be your only hope of survival and possibly recovery. Symptoms include:

  • Tightening and swelling of the skin, typically starting with the legs,moving to the arms, and sometimes the trunk
  • Thickening of the skin around the joints, restricting movement
  • Skin which feels “woody” and has a texture similar to that of an orange peel
  • Red or dark patches of skin
  • Burning, itching, and/or sharp pains in affected areas
  • Fluctuating hypertension preceding the appearance of skin lesions
  • Symmetrical skin lesions, commonly on the ankles and thighs and between the wrists and upper arms
  • Muscle weakness
  • Deep bone pain in the hips and ribs
  • Calcification of soft tissues
  • Yellow plaques near the eyes

Progression of NSF/NFD

NSF/NFD begins as a skin condition. In most people the legs, are affected first, then the feet, arms and hands. In some NSF/NFD patients the trunk of the body is also affected. It rarely affects the face.

Skin symptoms start with a thickening of the skin and often red or dark patches will appear. You may experience burning, itching, and/or sharp pains in the affected areas. Eventually the skin develops a wood feel and a texture much like that of an orange peel.

Mobility is lost due to tightening and contracture around the joints. It can become impossible to bend and extend your joints, locking your legs, arms, hands, and/or feet in place. Many NSF / NFD become so immobilized that they can no longer perform routine tasks, and can become dependent on wheelchairs or completely bedridden.

Death and serious injuries associated with NSF/NFD are often the result of falls and accidents caused by limited mobility. NSF/NFD can become fatal due to constriction surrounding airways and internal organs, impairing breathing or preventing organs from functioning properly.

NSF / NFD can scar your internal organs so badly that they cannot function. Scarring of the heart, lungs, and/or diaphragm can become so severe as to be fatal.

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