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Injured by Fireworks?

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Every year thousands of Americans are injured by fireworks, and this year will likely be no exception. In fact, purchases of personal fireworks are soaring as organizers cut the fuse on traditional Fourth of July celebrations and fireworks displays. Here just in time for the holiday are tips on fireworks safety to better protect you, your friends and family, and all freedom-loving Americans from sea to shining sea.

Fireworks Sales BOOMING Along with Complaints

The weeks surrounding the Fourth of July are usually punctuated by booms and bangs from Americans using fireworks, like roman candles or firecrackers. But if it seems like there are more fireworks this year and they are getting louder, you may be right.

One reason is that fireworks sales are booming – up over 100%, according to one national supplier. Cities across the nation are also seeing a dramatic rise in fireworks complaints. Boston recorded a 2,300% increase in calls to police about fireworks since May. Los Angeles sheriff’s deputies recently seized a truck carrying $10,000 worth of illegal, more powerful fireworks. New York City has even created a multi-agency task force to identify and stop those supplying illegal fireworks to residents.

So just why are we feeling the fireworks heat this year? Most observers point to COVID-19 and the cancellation of public Fourth of July celebrations and fireworks displays. In response, many Americans may be doubling down on fireworks for private celebrations while blowing off some steam along the way after months of isolation and bad news. Regardless, we are witnessing personal fireworks use on a scale never seen before, and unfortunately, an increasing number of injuries are likely to follow.